USGS Wisconsin Stream Flow Data
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Picture of the Month
Under water Brookie by George Cleveland
"Under Water Brookie by George Cleveland"

The NEW Gallery is now up and running. Send your pics to wffp@mac.com with comments and I will upload them to the gallery. The NEW STREAM REPORT function is also up and running. The stream report data is to aid fellow fly anglers with stream conditions, insect activity etc.

"Water on the Line" map of the
proposed Gogebic Taconite Mine in the Penokee Hills

Download complete Wisconsin Emergence Calendar in PDF
If using Safari, right click "Save to Desk Top".

Visit Little Lakes Wooden Canoe Restoration site
...very cool if you love to paddle

Quill Nymph- by Lucian Vasies from Hatches Mag.
A great looking quill bodied nymph with super instructions.

Tying a Scud Video from Hatches Mag.
A great Scud pattern . Along with the great detailed tying,
be sure to check out the informative underwater view of a swimming scud!

The English Fly Fishing Shop
...Great selection and super quality plus free shipping. One of my favorites.

The Ray Bergman Collection by Don Bastian

Wisconsin DNR Trout Stream Maps

Nav-bar Aquatic Insect DB Of Wisconsin
Search for over 65 Aquatic's: May, Stone, Caddis, and Megalops

Aquatic Insects Database

Learning About Insects on the Playground
A great site for kids!

We are looking for volunteers to help out!
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